SOOOO VERY VERY TRUE!!! Thinking about my Daddy!!! He was SUCH my INSPIRATION because he died doing what he LOVED to do - what was his PASSION (he was a pilot) - which taught me NEVER to settle for ANYTHING less than that & I haven't!! I don't have people around me that are not on some level a partnership & supportive of each other &/or that help me to look within/hence GROW - be they friends, family or loved ones. I surely have never had a sucky job, bad boss or negative work environment. Overall I've had great landlords. I've lived in some pretty incredible cities/homes (& usually for great deals!!) & I've seen & experienced MANY AWESOME things & people - often SOLO!!! I have VERY few fears & am OPEN to trying new things - taking chances & ESPECIALLY to CHANGE!!! I'm sure ALL that contributes HUGELY to my being able to ALWAYS finding the positive/GIFT in EVERY situation & kept me from going over the edge/getting depressed - even when I was on my knees going through the Dark Night of the Soul a few times!!! Which gives me SOOOO MUCH PEACE to draw on when I've gotten close!! When I share with people that he crossed over when I was young or about all the other people that have made their transitions - most people say "How sad" because society tends to see it that way. Yet I seen all these transitions as GIFTS!!! A) I have that many more "Angels" to watch "over" me (I don't believe in "heaven" or "hell" as those are judgment & my God [one & the same] is NOT a judgmental God at ALL) - protecting me in SOOOO MANY ways!!! & B) they've ALL shown me how PRECIOUS EVER SINGLE FRICKEN DAY IS as we NEVER know when it's our turn to RETURN to our REAL HOME!!!! This also goes out to ALL of you that have been INCREDIBLE GIFTS/Mirrors/Reminders/Teachers in my life. Many don't even realize it as you might be one of my FB "friends" I've never "met" - yet you've shared something - a quote, a story, a part of you - that got ME to go deeper inside (like this quote which I saw a form of this quote & created something different from it - made it my OWN!!). I LOVE & APPRECIATE you ALL!!!! - SarongGoddess